Welcome to moneygraffiti.com, the website dedicated to the proposition that all bills may be created equal, but in circulation they take on a life of their own. What people put on their cash not only tells a tale but proves that money does talk! Here’s the place to hear what it’s saying:
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If there’s one thing that unites us all, it’s money. Not only is currency a medium of exchange, it’s also a medium where people exchange ideas, jokes, ideologies. If you can hold onto your money long enough to examine the individual bills, it’s amazing what you’ll find! From the cryptic to the explicit, our gallery showcases a wide variety of “funny money”.

If you’re in a hurry, you won’t fully appreciate this collection. Come back when you have the time to spend. Then see what was on people’s minds when they spent their money.

Happy browsing!

Ever find an interesting graffiti bill in your wallet, purse or change? Care to share? Send us a .jpg and we’ll include it in our collection . . . with credit to you if you wish. See the contact page for details. Meanwhile, enjoy browsing our gallery of “mutes” — bankers’ lingo for mutilated money. . . and then there’s Peacebucks . . .


Peacebucks are what their creator calls “a capital plan for peace.” Their philosophy is simple: spend your money where it does good; boycott the bad guys and starve them into oblivion. It’s a way to make a statement on money that doesn’t deface it.

Click here to listen to Jeanne Ashley of 101.5 LITE FM WLYF Miami-Ft. Lauderdale describe the site.

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