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“I felt like I’d stumbled on treasure when I saw your website! . . . Great stuff.”
— Wendy E., Lancaster, PA

“This is a sophisticated, serviceable and highly entertaining web site. I’ve recommended it to many friends and business associates who wrote back that they enjoyed it as well.”
— Richard J. Noyes, former Associate Director, MIT Center for Advanced Engineering Study
(@rnoyes1 on Twitter)

“Thank you for taking the time to collect images of something that has piqued all of our collective curiosities. Everyone has held scribbled-on money and wondered what was going on the moment the pen was put to the bill. What’s even more beautiful than the graffiti itself is when we notice it; it’s always at a random and unexpected moment. The timing of your site is refreshing since so many of us rarely use cash anymore. The value of the US Dollar has just gone up.”
— Jeanne Ashley, South Beach, FL

“dude – huge fan of your site 🙂 i collect those sexy bills too!”
— (@BudgetsAreSexy on Twitter)

“Your site cracks me up!!!” –Andrea (@sooverdebt on Twitter)

“Your website is AWESOME!. . . You have a KOOL, unique website and you NEED to get the word out. :)” — K.R., Dallas, TX

“I’ve often received money with odd notes hand-written on them. . . . I also wonder how many other hands, souls, beings (and their stories) have held the same bills. Does the money hold their energy??” — Dr. JoAnne Castagna, Brooklyn, NY

“Floor 10 # 10, looks like a garage band logo. I think my favs are the ones that are so subtle you have to really look to see what’s there.” — @OverheardinSobe on Twitter

“I just checked out your website. It’s very interesting – nice format, a lot of detail, easy to use. I hope it brings you some good results.” — J.C. – Princeton, NJ

” Visited your new graffiti site. It’s interesting. . . . It may be just the thing you need to catch a lot of people’s eyes.” — A.D. West Redding, CT

“It’s overwhelming!” — M.J.D. Berkeley Heights, NJ

“It’s a really contagious idea and most interesting to look at the notes on the notes. We liked the site very much, and hope you can make real money from it For ‘Money is the prose, rather than the poetry of life.’ -Emerson.” — R.N. Chicago, IL

“Cool. . . . I’m sure that you will get plenty of curious people on the site looking for their ‘autographed’ money.” — P.B. Shokan, NY

“Cute!” — J.B. New Providence, NJ

“Interesting site. I enjoyed looking for a bill that I once put a note on. Add more, please!” — B.S. Chatham, NJ

“I’m impressed.” — J.C. NYC, NY

“Very cool!” — R.G. Long Island, NY

“This is a very entertaining site and a one-of-a-kind repository of individual expressions of Americana.” — J.B. Honey Brook, PA

“Just the kind of oddball site that the internet loves.” — A.G. Scottsdale, AZ

“This is so dope!! Thanks for sharing….” — I.S. Los Angeles, CA

” Very cool website, would like to receive updates on research and giveaways.”
— K.S.S. Harrisonburg, VA

“This site is great! I have always been curious about the stories behind a bill. Good Luck with this, it’s great!!” — L. C-C. Rocky Point, NY

“A very well done simple to use website. it looks good. Bravo!” — D.D., New York, NY

“Just looking at your site. Can’t wait to see it finished. Very entertaining.”
— M.N. New Providence, NJ


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